Health Insurance Florida Residents Can Purchase Online

The number of uninsured people in Florida is coming down. As admirable as this is, the uninsured number remains higher than the national average. If you are a resident looking for health insurance Florida offers, you have plenty of options.

Florida is one of the 38 states that opt to partner with the federal government according to That means they offer health coverage through a marketplace as opposed to running a state exchange. By running the marketplace concept, residents get the chance to look for a plan that caters to their needs. When it comes to Florida health insurance residents need from the marketplace, there are four levels of plans that get fronted. They include; platinum, gold, silver, and bronze. The plans, also known as metal levels, hold different actuarial value.

Actuarial Value Explained

An actuarial value in a health policy determines the amount of money you will pay from your pocket against the amount the health plan you choose will pay on average. Choosing plans that attract lower actuarial values means that you will end up footing higher deductibles and copays expenses out-of-pocket. As you select a plan, you should factor in how deductibles will impact the premiums. Health insurance Florida experts recommend that you purchase plans that are ACA compliant. Such a cover should not only meet your medical needs. It should fit in your budget according to

If you fall in the low to middle-income bracket whether as an individual or a family, you qualify for coverage that attracts cost-sharing reductions or premium tax credits. Such subsidies come in handy when dealing with out-of-pocket expenses, including deductibles and copays, and reduces monthly payments.

Florida Health Insurance Marketplace

Each fall, an enrollment period is opened and runs for 90 days. Months before the enrollment starts, residents are asked to browse the marketplace exploring different plans from different insurers to find the perfect fit. After identifying a possible match, they have to wait until the first day of the open enrollment period to purchase plans. All insurance offered through the marketplace meets all the requirements mandated by the ACA.   

Also, health insurance quotes Florida residents collect at can help you find a great policy too. Collecting and comparing quotes not only saves you time but money as well. Who doesn’t like saving some cash? All you need to do is to provide basic information about yourself and current health status. Obtaining a health policy can be easy, once you know the process. Hopefully this article has helped you and enables you to shop around for the right policy.